Wireless Library Communications

Locating staff and visitors around library facilities and campuses can be difficult and time consuming. Give visitors the ability to alert staff when the reception counter is unmanned and assistance is required, or to gain access when doors are locked. Ideal for mass notification of emergency or security situations and improving staff and visitor safety.

New! Callpoint Paging Transmitter

Callpoint Paging Transmitter

Improve service for library visitors with this convenient means to call staff for assistance.

New! Handheld Paging Transmitter

Handheld Paging Transmitter

Ideal for medium sized libraries requiring a simple press to call solution to alert staff.

New! Push2Call Paging Transmitter

Push2Call Paging Transmitter

Call and cancel paging transmitter ideal for small libraries wanting a simple alert option for library staff.

New! In-House Pagers

In-House Pagers

Simple tone/vibrate numberic or alpha pagers for Callpoint and Handheld transmitters

New! Motorola CB PRO Radio

Motorola CB PRO Radio

High quality CB radio for convenient library staff communcation.